Grodio is a producer from Munich/Germany. His styles have quite a big range from Electronica to Reggae to HipHop. This is also reflected in the recent remixes he did:

  • Barefoot (Jahcoozi),
  • UK Funky (Natalie Storm)
  • Dancehall (Ward21)
  • Tropical Bass (Schlachthofbronx)
  • Afrobeat (Tony Allen), Eletronica (Royksopp)
  • Reggae (Solo Banton)
  • HipHop (Icke&Er)

In each of these genres he manages to artfully incorporate his own, unique style, which he calls “sophisticated fun”. And you actually can hear the fun in each of his tracks! Born in 1974, he startet producing music when he was 14. He first focused on HipHop in the very early golden-age days of German HipHop. In this time he released the classic “Kreativität” in 1993 on the renowned “Alte Schule” Sampler (together with TecRoc). Further releases comprise work for various HipHop and Reggae artists as well as the release of instrumentals “Hang out and hustle” and “Tales from the darkside” on yellow vinyl.