All she wanted was a nice and easy 30 minute mix….

All she wanted was a nice and easy 30 minute mix….
… but she got this insane mashup madness with 35 tracks in 21 minutes… FAIL!!!

But here is why you might want to listen to it anyway:
– It’s my first mix! Ha! And it turned out to become more a mashup madness…
– starts off seriously and ends up in total nonsense
– all my musical “roots” like oldschool HipHop, Funk and Reggae mashed up with new tunes
– accidentally created some sort of hymn or so for my hometown
– did this mix because a friend asked me to do one although I do not consider myself a DJ. So I just had some fun mashing up things! Can you hear that?

The playlist can be found…wait a minute!…it is more fun listening to it without the playlist, believe me…so listen and after that grab the playlist here.

Enjoy! Drop comments! Blog it! Like it! Share it on Facebook or Twitter!

If you want to say “thanks for the download” then just like me on my facebook page.


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