Nice up di area!

Here it is! This is my new ultra deep track – well… uhhmmm.. “deep” for me compared to my other tracks. Or…. if I think about it again it is not thaaaat deep. Not deep at all. But then it’s not a fun track…. I do not know….— so what is it? A gangster movie score remixed by the little playful child in me? Naaahhhhhh…..what do you think? Drop a comment on the track and tell me!

This track is just there to NICE UP DI AREA!
Put it on your blog and it will NICE UP DI BLOG.
Put it in your mix and it will NICE UP DI MIX.
Or simply download it, listen to it and it will NICE YOU UP!

Seriously, if you have a blog or do mixes, I would be absolutely happy to see this track featured. Spread the word, nice up di area!

If you want to say thanks for the download, just like me on facebook:

…..aaand the second track is a bit older but now also FOOOFREEE!

Big ups!

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